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2019 Summer Camps at Greenburgh Nature Center

Camp runs in one-week sessions from early July through the end of August. Each session is tailored to a specific age group. Campers explore the Nature Center’s forest and grounds and help care for the animal residents. Older campers learn wilderness survival skills through participation in activities such as fire building, shelter construction, tracking techniques, and plant identification. Half-day camps (Grades K-1, 2-3) are $350 per child if you register by Monday April 1! Pricing after April 1 is $375 per child. Membership is required to register for camp.

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WEEK 1 July 8-12 9:30AM-1:30PM
Magnificent Mud GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Kick off your summer with good old-fashioned outdoor play; run, jump, climb, giggle, and twirl through our forest and down to our vernal pond. Campers will be introduced to the wonderful world of macro invertebrates and wiggling worms. Get ready for a muddy good time!

WEEK 2 July 15-19 9:30AM-1:30PM
Bugs & Butterflies GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Who would win in a race, a beetle, a cricket or a butterfly? We’ll find out with the essential entomologist tools – bug boxes and butterfly nets – as we bug out at the nature center!

WEEK 3 July 22-26 9:30AM-1:30PM
Forest Adventures GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Campers explore the roles of naturalists and biologists as they discover the fascinating facts about the forest, its diverse habitats and the variety of animals that call it home. Campers learn about tracking, shelter building, and invertebrate sampling. Each day includes animal interaction, crafts and an array of nature-themed activities.

WEEK 4 July 29-Aug 2 9:30AM-1:30PM
Nature Quest GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Your child will go behind the scenes of the Nature Center as they meet and care for the rescued and rehabilitated animals that live on grounds. Children will learn about animal behavior as they spend time with our furry, feathered and scaly animals. Campers will also get a chance to explore our fields and trails.

WEEK 5 August 5-9 9:30AM-1:30PM
Stayin’ Alive GROUP 1 (K1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Campers learn about wilderness survival as they explore our 33 acres of varied terrain and participate in exercises such as fire building, shelter construction, animal tracking and plant identification. Campers will also spend time interacting with the Nature Center’s diverse animal population.

WEEK 6 August 12-16 9:30AM-1:30PM
Walk on the Wild Side GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
What’s the difference between wild and tame? Why do coyotes and dogs look so similar? Take a walk on the wild side with one of our expert naturalists as we traverse our trails and learn about magnificent wild creatures!

WEEK 7 August 19-23 9:30AM-1:30PM
Radical Reptiles GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
What is warm-blooded, has scales and lays eggs? Reptiles of course! Your child will spend the week meeting a wide range of our reptilian friends with an expert naturalist. Give a tortoise a bath, feel the scales of a snake, and dive into the wild world of radiant reptiles.

WEEK 8 August 26-30 9:30AM-1:30PM
Creature Feature GROUP 1 (K-1) REGISTER HERE! GROUP 2 (2nd-3rd) REGISTER HERE!
Each day, we will discover a new featured creature from the animal kingdom in this week of creature fun! We’ll touch the world’s softest animal, find out what hides in our forest during the day and who’s out at night. Get ready to keep on creature adventuring!

– For cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the program date, either a full refund minus 25% or a credit (for the full amount) to be used for a program on a future date will be issued.
– For cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the program, there are no monetary refunds but a 50% credit to be used for a program on a future date will be issued.