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Great Play of Scarsdale

Their high-energy award-winning programs for kids develop motor, sports, and social skills, setting the stage for lifelong confidence and physical fitness, in their one-of-a-kind Interactive Gym™. Great Learning. Great Fun. Great Play!

Infant/Toddler Programs

For Ages 6 Months to 3½ Years (Parent/Child Class)

Our mission is for every child to develop a love of physical activity that will lead to an active, healthy and confident life, and our Great Start infant/toddler program is the perfect first step. It gives children a broad foundation of essential introductory motor skills, including a full range of locomotor, stability and manipulative skills.

Through a specially designed program of "directed play," children build confidence, self-esteem and social skills as they build a strong physical foundation. Plus, they have such a good time playing, they'd never know the scientifically-based curriculum of progressive motor skill development is so good for them! (Please don't tell, it would spoil the fun!)

Players advance through four variations of the program (levels A, B, C and D) based on age and stage of development, with skills and activities progressing at each stage.

Preschooler Programs

For Ages 3½ to 5½ Years

Through games and instruction, preschoolers continue to develop fundamental motor skills - as well as introductory sport skills, coordination and agility - all while having a lot of fun! To the kids, it's all fun and games. But behind the fun is a carefully crafted curriculum of progressive motor skill acquisition that helps children reach their full physical potential.

School-Age Programs

For Ages 4½ to 10 Years

Children begin to think of themselves as athletic (or not) at these ages, and the consequences are significant. We offer a full range of fun programs that are ideal for helping any child get off to a great start athletically, whether they aspire to play competitive sports or not. See Help Me Choose, below, for guidance selecting among the programs for your child.

Personalized Attention Helps Children Thrive

Don't let your child get lost in the shuffle in impersonal classes offered by big box sport centers, or try to learn skills at a rec league practice. These are good places to apply skills, but not to learn them. At Great Play, with our small intimate setting, our patented interactive technology, our unique curriculum that turns practice into play, and our highly trained coaches, we provide the perfect setting for kids to develop the skills that will start the ball rolling to lifelong success (see a detailed description of our approach).



Our Camps are the perfect vacation activity - combining hours of fun and play with significant developmental value!

Camps are generally offered during extended school breaks (summer and holidays). See the details for your age group:


Camp Parties

In addition to our amazing Camps, we host specially themed Camp Parties at various times during school break. Our Camp Parties include all the fun and games of our traditional camp programs, plus special contests (everyone wins something!), themed giveaways, and prizes, etc.

See the details for your age group:


Custom Birthday Parties for Ages 1-10

Our award-winning, high-energy parties are truly spectacular events, and we make your child the star of the show! Your guests will have a blast and your child will receive All-Star treatment in our amazing Interactive Gym™.

How it works

  1. Start by picking one of our fantastic party themes.
  2. We'll ask you some questions about the party star's interests and personality, and the guests.
  3. Then we'll fully customize the party activities just for you, and pre-program it into our patented Interactive Arena software.
  4. Show up and enjoy the spectacular event! Your child will be the star, and your guests will have a blast!


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