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Visiting First State National Park in New Castle, Delaware

By Meg Brunson

There were two things we really wanted to see on our visit to Delaware. The first, was First State National Park. Delaware is known for being the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence, and is therefore the first state - we knew there'd be some good history there!  And my husband remembered a song by Moxy Fruvous that said that Delaware was the state with the "Lowest Highest Point" and he's apparently always wanted to visit that. I have no idea who Moxy Fruvous is... but we added it to the itinerary.

We drove out to the highest point in the state of Delaware (which is barely on a hill) and took some pics there - sharing information about elevation with the kids. While we were there, however, I discovered some startling news that crushed my husband's dreams - Moxy Fruvous was wrong. The lowest hightest point is ACTUALLY in Florida. Shucks. This is the second lowest highest point. I guess I know what we'll be doing when we get to Florida! 

When we arrived in New Castle, we loved the historic homes and cobblestone streets. There was a statue of William Penn (because Delaware used to be a part of Pennsylvania way back in the day!), and multiple different historic buildings you can tour and observe. We started at the welcome center where we watched a short and informative video and then walked around The Green and also visited the  Historic New Castle Courthouse which originally served at the state capital. Upstairs there were a few exhibition rooms where we learned about Delaware when English settlers arrived and through the Revolutionary war. 

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