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ChessKid is the #1 place for kids to learn & play chess! More kids have learned to play chess on ChessKid than any other site. Our mission is to make chess fun, safe and accessible. We strive to create positive experiences where kids are motivated to learn, play and enjoy the game for a lifetime.

Play is the largest chess site for kids in the entire world! Over 8 million kids have an account with us, so you’ll never have to wait long to find a game of chess

  • Fast ChessIf you’re looking for fast-paced chess action, challenge your friends to a fast chess game! You can also watch live games to see other kids play chess worldwide.
  • Slow ChessFor something slower, play slow chess with your friends, parents, or coaches!
  • BotsChoose from a wide selection of chess bots and your favorite chess personalities. You can choose to play with the white or black pieces and also toggle ‘Coach Mode’.



Puzzles are a must! On ChessKid, we have one of the most impressive libraries of online chess puzzles the internet offers. 

  • PuzzlesWe’ve been collecting puzzles for over ten years! Click on ‘Puzzles’ to start solving right away.
  • Puzzle DuelWe’ll pair you with a random ChessKid to try solving as many puzzles as possible in 2 minutes. You’re in a rush against time, and your opponent!
  • Puzzle Themes: Choose from many puzzle themes to boost your skills in certain areas.



  • Lessons: Reach new levels on your ChessKid account by completing lessons — soar up to our mighty ‘King’ level! Each class includes a video and extra activities to help you master the game.
  • VideosWatch hundreds of videos on chess topics with your favorite ChessKid personalities, including FunMasterMikeGM Vishy Anand, and WFM Alexandra Botez.
  • Workouts: Learn key checkmate patterns and endgame tactics such as the 2 rook checkmate.

  • Vision: Learn chess notation by improving your vision across the chessboard.
  • Articles: Read new articles or explore our archive to discover news, updates, and chess stories.
  • Classroom Planner: If you’re a teacher or parent wanting to craft fun, structured lessons, provides the best tool to do it! Our classroom planner provides digestible lessons, including lesson objectives, videos, worksheets, and extra activities.



1 on 1 chess coaching cartoon image

Coaching: The fastest way to improve in chess is learning 1-on-1 with a professional! There are many benefits of using a chess coach. On ChessKid, you can easily find, schedule, and learn from the best chess experts in the world. Did we mention our chess coaches are 100% approved ChessKid Certified?


Whether you want to improve or relive your brilliant moments, analyzing your games is the best tool.'s state-of-the-art Game Review feature provides members with a sophisticated analysis experience that helps you to understand your game on a deeper level. You can analyze your chess game in two ways:

  • Set Up Position: On the ‘Set Up Position’ tab, you can select a previous game you’ve played and let the engine analyze the game. Dive deep into the numbers behind different chess positions and learn when you play your best chess. 
  • Upload a PGN file: You can also analyze any cool games you found online or shared by your friends, by uploading a PGN or FEN file.



If you enjoy chess, why not carry it in your pocket? has many different apps that can help you enjoy the game wherever you are and whenever you want.

  • ChessKid: Take wherever you go and enjoy great features on the go.
  • ChessKid Adventure: Across 6 quests and over 200 mini-challenges, learn how to play and master chess from engaging animated characters. Collect gold coins along the way to fill out your collection of costume outfits.

Customization is your online chess home, and we want you to feel happy here. That's why, just like at your house, you can customize the site to express yourself and your own personality.

  • ChessKid Themes: Choose your ChessKid background, pieces style, board style, and avatar. Mix and match to create your own unique ChessKid style.


Chess can be even more fun when your friends join you! 

  • Clubs: All of our ChessKids love chess, but they also have many interests beyond the game. Clubs allow you to talk with like-minded ChessKids, play, and study.
  • Friends: Find friend requests in the ‘Friends’ tab, and challenge them to a game.


Whether you want to watch kids beat FunMasterMike, or see your favorite chess stars like FM Tani Adewumi, you can check out all of our upcoming events in one place!


ChessKid is a unique teaching platform chosen by teachers and chess educators worldwide. We understand that teachers themselves may range from novices to advanced chess players. Our site offers resources and tools to cater to your teaching needs, regardless of your own playing level.

  • Curriculum: ChessKid developed the world’s first chess-teaching curriculum, a guide for educators both within the traditional classroom environment and by professional chess coaches in after-school clubs/programs. 
  • Teacher's Guide: ChessKid created a digestible teacher's e-book including handy how-to guides, tips from FunMasterMike, helpful checklists, and more!
  • Leaderboard: See which kids perform best in different categories, including Puzzles, Slow Chess, and Fast Chess!
  • Enterprise: ChessKid has teaching and reporting tools for large groups, school districts, and regions. Bring chess to all of your students and easily track their progress.
  • PostersDownload and enjoy printable posters to brighten up your classroom.
  • CertificatesReward your kids when they promote to the next level on ChessKid with a personalized certificate.


Resources help parents, teachers, and coaches inspire the next generation to take control of their chess skills. People love our posters, e-books, and guides!


  • Shop: Purchase ChessKid merch, top chess books, and more!

Pricing offers different memberships to best fit your needs. Check out our membership plans.


ChessKid Coaching makes it easy to find, schedule, and learn from the best coaches in the world. Explore our list of 100% approved ChessKid Certified Coaches and sign up for a coaching package at an affordable price.