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Creative Hearts

We view it as our mission to not only teach creativity, art skills, and movement games, but provide a well rounded foundation for life. We use every moment of the day as a teaching tool to focus on empathy, compassion, kindness, self confidence, and love. We recognize that each child is intelligent, caring and incredibly capable. We have faith in their abilities, and help to provide them with tools for teamwork, problem solving, self motivation whenever necessary, and then allow them to practice those skills on their own. Recognizing that they are each unique people, we adjust our approach to each child's needs. We accept and respect them, just as they are. Creative Hearts provides a loving, supportive, fun environment, which fosters the good in each child. Perhaps most importantly, we love each person for who they are completely.


Painting, drawing, sculpting. Classes are taught by artist educators who foster the learning and development of every child. The studio is an open and airy space where getting creative and messy go hand in hand.